Sberbank A New Partner of Pika Card Loyalty Program

With a new partner, Pika Card users are awarded with 2.200 points

The signing of the Agreement on Business Cooperation at the ceremony which took place in the spectacular Sarajevo Town Hall, marked the launch of a new partnership between Konzum, Super Kartica and Sberbank Group, which brings a new and different approach to shopping for BH public in terms of more attractive products  and services within financial and retail segment.  The agreement was signed between Sberbank BH d.d. Sarajevo CEO, Mr. Edin Karabeg, Executive Direcor of Sberbank a.d. Banjaluka, Mr. Sandro Mihajlović, CEO of Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo, Mr. David Dolinar, and the CEO of Super Kartica d.o.o. Sarajevo, Mr. Boris Barić, who thus officially started a successful cooperation. It is an opportunity for the customers who have a Pika Card, the largest multi loyalty program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to use all the services which have been so far provided by its partners: Konzum, Gazprom and NIS Petrol gas stations, Intersport, Modiana, Beautique and Kompas, and to enjoy excellent benefits with the new program partner – Sberbank.

By joining the largest loyalty program in BiH, Sberbank Group made a major stride in its banking business on the local market. The bank clients and beneficiaries of the Pika Card loyalty program now have a new opportunity to use additional benefits. Today’s event is but an announcement of the beginning of partnership that will mark the Retail segment s in the years to come“, Edin Karabeg said.

For a start, Sberbank will award Pika Card holders with 2.200 points, if they transfer their regular income to Sberbank, with an appropriate account package or in return for debt consolidation or non-purpose loan.  Sberbank Group, which operates on the BiH market under the auspices of two separate subsidiaries, Sberbank BH d.d. Sarajevo and Sberbank a.d. Banjaluka, is one of the most stable financial institutions worldwide, offering its clients products and services based on the top-notch quality and technologies.  As a trend-setter in the banking sector, Sberbank Group makes a continuous progress with the aim of enhancing its offer to provide its clients with the best service tailored to meet their needs.

„Partnership with Konzum and loyalty program membership have been carefully planned over the past year. Everything we agreed upon is in the best interest of our clients who may expect additional benefits as the result of this partnership, such as bonus points  for transferring monthly income to Sberbank and taking up debt consolidation  loans or non-purpose loans.“, Mr.  Sandro Mihajlović said.

Over the past year, Pika Card loyalty program acquired an impressive number of 400.000 users. Business year, full of challenges, will bring the Pika Card holders many novelties, not only in terms of new partners from other areas, but also in terms of benefits. Six months from now a new co-branded Pika Card will be presented. It was developed in cooperation with Sberbank Group for customers who wish to gain more benefits by collecting points within their current partner's network and make payment wherever they like. A custom made mobile app will also be launched for young adults by the end of the year, which they can use to collect points, keep track of their account balance and follow the latest news.

“For Pika Card, starting the business year with a strong banking partner is the result of the success achieved over the first year of business transactions.   With its new partner and further partner networking, we expect to see more of a program development and more benefits for our customers, Boris Barić noted. 

Taking into account the past results of Pika Card loyalty program, and other ongoing activities, as well as great plans for the future, Pika Card definitely represent a foundation and one of the key advantages for all program partners in relation to competition.  

Sberbank A New Partner of Pika Card Loyalty Program